2019 Results Table

Photographer of the Year Advanced

1 Richard Heyes 39pts

2 Jim Cunningham 38pts

3 Keith Stewart 29.5pts

Photographer of the Year Beginners

1 Margaret Keane 25pts

2 Lynne Corcoran 11.5pts 

3 Mary Singleton 11pts

Presidents Prize Prints

1 Margaret Keane

2 Jim Cunningham

3 Lynne Cocoran

Presidents Prize Projected Images

1 Jim Cunningham

2 Richard Heyes

3 Mary Singleton

Annual Exhibition Projected Images

Architecture and Record

1 Keith Stewart Stairway to heaven.

2 Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Interior St Marys Church Fountains Abbey

3 Jim Cunningham Der Deutschen Kurst, Berlin

Com Lynn Arstall Ashton Memorial, Lancaster

Com Jim Cunningham Hampton Court

Com Bob Singleton BA ARPS Pavement bar Valparaiso

Com Mary Singleton Stonyhurst

Open – Beginners

1 Margaret Keane View to boat house

2 Mary Singleton Gateway to the Seven Sisters

3 Mary Singleton The perfect formation

H Com Margaret Kean Shell and Sea

Com Lynn Arstall Rhiannah

Com Margaret Keane In profile

Com Margaret Keane The Command

Open – Advanced

1 Bob Singleton BA ARPS Migrant Hawker

2 Bob Singleton BA ARPS Longhorned beetle

3 Jim Cunningham On the Thames at Hampton Court

H Com Sam Wilson NUMBER 93

Com Jim Cunningham A Happy Day, Florence

Com Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Man and Kite


1 Jim Cunningham In Liverpool Museum

2 Keith Stewart Line’em up.

3 Mary Singleton Climbing the eye of the glazier

Com Barry Noon Perhaps not this Year

Com Barry Noon The Old Farmhouse

Photojournalism and Travel

1 Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Eye on the Ball

2 Jim Cunningham Blue Berry Collector. Appenines

3 Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Kite Festival St Annes on the Sea

H Com Ken Fletcher Gondola service

Com Jim Cunningham Holy Men, Kathmandu



1 Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Mist in the Colne Valley

2 Teresa Roberts Trees and shadows

3 Barry Noon Durdle Door Sunset

HC Jim Cunningham Ardvreck Catle, Inchnadamph

HC Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* The Langdales

HC Teresa Roberts Mount Ngauruhoe New Zealand


C Nan Goodall Kelly Hall Tarn

C Nan Goodall Misty Morning at Waterhead

C Barry Noon Autumnal Walk

C Barry Noon Tree in Flower

C Teresa Roberts Misty morning

C Teresa Roberts Langdales through the trees

C Bob Singleton BA ARPS Perito Moreno Glacier

C Bob Singleton BA ARPS Pilgrims Progress

C Keith Stewart Liverpool cityscape.


1 Tom Corcoran The Ruby Bow Tie

2 Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Harry

3 Keith Stewart Band of three.

HC Lynn Arstall Harry

HC Jim Cunningham Cambodian Girl

HC Nan Goodall Page

HC Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Generation Gap

HC Keith Stewart Lady in white.

C Jim Cunningham You Stole My Cow!

C Mary Singleton Collecting gifts for Mummy

C Mary Singleton A moment for reflection


1 Jim Cunningham Flowers

2 Mary Singleton Shanghai Lights

3 Keith Stewart Beatle remembered.

HC Lynn Arstall Simplicity

HC Nan Goodall Reeds in the Mist

HC Mary Singleton Wood City

C Jim Cunningham Rhapsody in Blue

C Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Red Guitar Man

C Barry Noon Painting by numbers

C Keith Stewart A line of three.

Natural History

1 Bob Singleton BA ARPS Banded Demoiselle

2 Bob Singleton BA ARPS Avocet with Chick

3 Bob Singleton BA ARPS Lariniodes cornutus mating

HC Jim Cunningham Young Shags Fighting over Food

HC Delice Fletcher Spiny Army

HC Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Alpine Chough

HC Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar feeding on Ragwort

HC Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Male Pheasant

HC Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Speckled Bush Cricket


C Lynn Arstall Flying Puffin

C Lynn Arstall Singing Donkey

C Lynn Arstall Going Fishing

C Nan Goodall Green Winged Orchid – Sarcoscypha coccinea

C Nan Goodall Green Winged Orchid – Anacamptis morio

Dobson Cup

Best Projected Image in the Exhibition Bob Singleton – Migrant Hawker

Annual Exhibition Print Competition


1st Richard Heyes Sizergh Castle Dining Room

2nd Richard Heyes Preston Bus Station

3rd Jim Cunningham Daisyfield Mill


1st Jim Cunningham Three times a lady

2nd Nan Goodall Drigg Seaweed and Sand Patterns

3rd Keith Stewart Turn that light off


1st Nan Goodall Evening Light Low Peel Near

2nd Lynne Corcoran Coppermines Valley Coniston

3rd Nan Goodall Blea Tarn Reflections

Com Nan Goodall Loughrigg Tarn


1st Lynne Corcoran A Penny for your thoughts

2nd Keith Stewart Just like old times

3rd Jim Cunningham On Salford Quays

Com Jim Cunningham In Blackpool

Natural History

1st Richard Heyes Peacock Butterfly

2nd Lynne Corcoran Puffin with sand eels

3rd Keith Stewart More than just a flower

Com Nan Goodall Lady orchid

Com Nan Goodall Black Bulgar


1st Nan Goodall Monarch of all I survey

2nd Jim Cunningham A calm morning on windermere

3rd Richard Heyes New lifeboat Lytham St Annes

Beginners Cup

1st Margaret Keane Shapes in the dunes

2nd Lynne Corcoran Storm brewing over the bay

3rd Margaret Keane Sunset over the River Kent

Com Margaret Keane New pier meets old


1st Richard Heyes National Trust Centenary stone

2nd Keith Stewart Fab Four walkabout

3rd Keith Stewart Just one cornetto


1st Keith Stewart What’s your tipple mate

2nd Keith Stewart Round 1

3rd Mick Park Rianna

Com Jim Cunningham Rebel without a cause

Stanworth Cup

Best Print in Exhibition Richard Heyes    Peacock Butterfly

As Shot Dpi

First   Shard at dusk    Ken Fletcher

Second   Coming into land    Mary Singleton

Third   Selfie With Friends    Nan Goodall

Commended Oy you!    Keith Heyworth

Brown Grasshopper    Bob Singleton

Club Competition 4 Simplicity

First   At Brockholes      Jim Cunningham

Second   Dandelion seed    Bob Singleton

Third   Migrant Hawker    Bob Singleton


  In profile    Margaret Keane

  Waterhead Dawn    Nan Goodall

Winsor Cup

1st Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* New Lifeboat for St Anne’s On Sea

2nd Jim Cunningham In Blackpool

3rd Keith Heyworth Calling the Play for Blackburn Northern

3rd Keith Stewart Rufford Hall staircase.

Com Jim Cunningham Footbridge Over the Lune at Sizergh

Com Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Listed Building Carpark and Bus Station, Preston

Winsor & Rosenburg Sup DPI

1st Margaret Keane Sun setting over the Singing Ringing Tree- Burnley

2nd Barry Noon Stoops

3rd Keith Heyworth Camera down just enjoying the view at Blackpool

3rd Keith Stewart ‘Sunset’ over Sunderland Point.

HC Barry Noon Daisyfield Mill

HC Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Promenade Blackpool

HC Keith Stewart Astley Hall, Chorley.

Com Jim Cunningham Going Fishing, Morcambe Bay

Com Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Hard Times detail from St Johns Churchyard Blackbu

Com Margaret Keane Burnley’s Cotton heritage rejuvenated

Com Barry Noon Canal at Burnley

Com Barry Noon Lancashire Mill

Rosenburg Cup

1st Margaret Keane Small old pier meets big new pier

2nd Margaret Keane Ashness Jetty

3rd Margaret Keane Derwent Water

CC 3 Prints

1st Keith Stewart The Golden Doorway

2nd Keith Stewart Blue Door

3rd Keith Stewart A tree with ‘Stile’

Com Jim Cunningham Calm Weather, Windermere


1st Bob Singleton BA ARPS Rhagium mordax Long Horned Beetle

2nd Barry Noon Perhaps not this Year

3rd Barry Noon Abandoned

Com Lynn Arstall Photoelasticity

Com Lynn Arstall Singing Donkey

Com Lynne Corcoran The Grace Darling Window at St Aidan’s Bamburgh

Com Lynne Corcoran Hoverflies on Thistle

Com Tom Corcoran The Lookout Post

Com Jim Cunningham Wild Blueberry Collector, Appenines, Italy

Com Lyndon Davies Stuck in the Mud

Com Nan Goodall Rannerdale Bluebells

Com Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Alpine Chough

Com Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Generation Gap

Com Keith Heyworth Calling the Play

Com Keith Heyworth Harry

Com Margaret Keane Winter solitude on Blackpool beach

Com Bob Singleton BA ARPS Osprey with catch

CC2 Prints

1. Jeremy Malley-Smith Fish Eagle In Dead Tree (Haliaeetus vocifer)

2. Jim Cunningham Ullswater Boathouse at Sunrise

3= Nan Goodall Winter Wonderland

3= Keith Stewart – Yer just ‘showing-off’ cos someones got a camera


Jeremy Malley-Smith Alpha Female Baboon Giving Parental Guidance

Jeremy Malley-Smith Malachite Kingfisher (Corythornis cristatus)


1. Jeremy Malley-Smith Portrait of Male Lion Ready to Hunt

2. Bob Singleton Leucauge venusta orchard spider

3= Lynne Corcoran The Unfurling

3= Jeremy Malley-Smith White Fronted Bee Eater (Merops bullockoides)


Mick Park Splash

Bob Singleton Snowy Egret

CC1 Prints

1. Lioness Hunting Jeremy Malley-Smith

2. Snowing in the Park Jeff Worsnop

3. The remains of the prey Margaret Keane

Highly Commended

Run for your life Jeremy Malley-Smith

Flowing From Blea Tarn Margaret Keane


Hippo and Oxpecker Jeremy Malley-Smith


1. Great Egret Bob Singleton

2. Lady in the Pink Hat James Hull

3. Ghaastly Keith Heyworth 

3. Early morning encounter Margaret Keane

Highly Commended

Flying Puffin Lynn Arstall

Loughrigg Tarn Nan Goodall

Cycling along Cleveleys’ prom Keith Heyworth

Undulating shadows Teresa Roberts


Mist in the Colne Valley Richard Heyes

American Bald Eagle Bob Singleton

Fading view Teresa Roberts

Puffin with Sand Eels Bob Singleton

Portrait – Hoverfly Bob Singleton

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