28 January 2019

Invited Speaker

Tonight we welcome Alf Myers who will present his talk

On The Streets

What is street photography?

What to look for and what makes an interesting street image?

Hints and tips on taking candid images on the street.

Cameras, lenses, and settings.

And more.

At the same time giving examples of some of my own photography from around Europe (including the UK!)

How it came about –

I’ve been a member of a photographic society (Preston Photographic Society) for some time now and really enjoy the evening when a speaker comes to give a talk which inspires me to take up my camera and try something new.

Over the years I’ve tried many things photographically and been inspired by many a talk, demo and not to forget some YouTube videos, but I always returned to people photography and wanting to capture them being real. The true person, not the pose so to speak, thus street photography was a natural fit that I eventually stumbled upon.