Agreed Roles for Officers of the Club


  1. Open and close each meeting, ensure that it runs to schedule.

  2. Make announcements and provide information to the membership.

  3. When lecturers are present introduce the lecturer and thank them at the end of the evening.

  4. Chair all Committee meetings.

  5. Set the agenda of the meetings, ensure that the meeting runs to schedule and that all members have a chance to air their views.

  6. Set the agenda for and chair the club AGM and any EGMs.

  7. Act as final decision maker when required.

  8. Ensure that the aims and interests of the Club, and its membership in particular, are addressed at all times.

The President Elect

  1. Have a good working knowledge of the Club’s constitution and the duties of all members of the committee.

  2. Communicate effectively with Club members, committee members, and other interested parties.

  3. Chair Club meetings and committee meetings when the president is unable to.

  4. Support the president in representing the Club externally.


  1. Be the main point of contact for the club for information and enquiries and to respond to these enquiries in good time.

  2. Pass their contact details of possible new members to the Membership Secretary.

  3. Act as main point of contact for members of the Committee to send out information to the club members.

  4. Liaise with the President on club matters.

  5. Write and maintain minutes of Committee meetings and forward Committee calling notices and agendas as required.

  6. Maintain the Club website keep it up-to-date with relevant information, notably the club programme of events.

  7. Train any Club members to whom website maintenance has been delegated.

  8. Ensure timely renewal of the Club domain name and web space, liaising with the Club treasurer over funding.

Programme Secretary

  1. Plan a varied and balanced programme to meet the needs of the membership within the budget.

  2. Liaise with the Competition Secretary to ensure that all club competitions, including judges and closing dates are included within the programme

  3. Ensure that the appropriate speakers/presenters are booked in good time.

  4. Contact the speakers/presenters in good time prior to at the meeting so that their needs can be addressed and to confirm attendance

  5. Ensure that contingency plans for the programme are in place

  6. Liaise with the Treasurer to ensure that the presenters fees are agreed and noted prior to attendance

  7. Brief the President prior to the start of a club meeting when a speaker/presenter is in attendance.

  8. Inform the membership of changes in the programme and provide programme details, as and when requested

  9. Liaise with the Secretary to ensure that the programme on the web site is current and complete.

  10. Encourage members to suggest topics of interest and speakers/events.

  11. Advertise Club meetings, ie create and distribute posters.

Competition Secretary

  1. Ensure that judges are booked for club and interclub competitions.

  2. Maintain a list of all competitions requiring club entry to during the year, the entry dates and the criteria, and to alert the Committee in good time for picture selection and submittal.

  3. Brief the President prior to the start of a club meeting when a judge is in attendance.

  4. Liaise with the Secretary to ensure that competition details are available and up to date on the web site.

  5. Ensure that the submission deadlines of Club and any other relevant competitions are noted on the programme.

  6. Book judges and agree expenses in accordance with the budget.

  7. Send competition entries to judges in advance for their perusal if required.

  8. Record all scores and results and maintain a record of these throughout the year, including the accumulation of points for the Photographer Of The Year award.

  9. Pass the L&CPU portfolios on to the next Club on the list in time for their viewing.

  10. Ensure that any trophies, prizes, certificates etc are available when required.

Membership Secretary

  1. Maintain a full and accurate list of club members and their details

  2. Provide the members list to the Secretary, Treasurer and the Competition Secretary as necessary

  3. Respond to potential members in good time.

  4. Maintain a `‘Welcome Pack’ ‘ for new members or those who have shown an interest in the club.

  5. Make all new members to the club welcome.

  6. Ensure that all members are aware of the club constitution and the rules and guidelines of the club competitions and to ensure that these are updated appropriately.

  7. Liaise with the Treasurer regarding attendance details and maintain a link to those people who have not been to the club for a number of meetings


  1. Collect all membership fees (including door money), and pay all expenses, within agreed timescales

  2. Maintain an accurate and auditable record of all club income and expenditure (petty cash and bank account).

  3. Liaise with the appointed independent auditor to ensure that all records are audited prior to AGM (or EGM as required)

  4. Be the main point of contact with regards to matters associated with club finances.

  5. Be the prime signatory to the club account

  6. Purchase the club raffle prizes as required

  7. Keep an up-to-date file of all bank statements issued.

  8. Liaise with the Club’s programme and competition secretaries on matters relating to the budget and payment for speakers, presenters and judges.

Member Representatives

  1. Represent the views of the general membership of the club at all Committee meetings

  2. Work with all the other Committee members, where necessary, regarding the provision of articles and information for the purpose of advertising the club or promoting club activities

General Responsibilities Camera Club Committee

  1. To be involved in all club decision making processes and to abide by the consensus decision for the good of the club.

  2. To network at all events in order to provide the club with new contacts.

  3. To be accountable for club equipment and to provide appropriate storage for the same.

  4. To support the Club by providing articles and information for the purpose of advertising and promoting either a specific activity or the club in general.

  5. To promote club events through all appropriate mediums

  6. To raise awareness of the club in the local community