Annual Exhibition Projected Images

Please find below a precis of the winners and placed entries from last nights judging:
HC = Highly Commended C = Commended
Open Colour Advanced
1st Sunflowers – Roy Pickering
2nd A Splash of Peppers – Andy Phillips
3rd Reflections of Liverpool – Mick Park
HC Mandarin – John Murray
Open Colour Beginners
1st The Proud King – Nigel Watson
2nd Blackthorn In Spring – Nan Goodall
3rd A Sweet Message – Lynda McIntyre
C Guitar Solo – Matthew Ainsworth
C Left Luggage – Matthew Ainsworth
1st No Such Thing As Bad Weather- Just Weather – Andy Phillips
2nd February Rydal Water – Richard Heyes
3rd Big Seas – Ian Bamber
HC Cromarty Harbour – John Murray
HC Evening Storm – Jim Cunningham
HC The Island Tree – Roy Pickering
C Kessock Bridge – John Murray
C Princess Margaret Rose – Andy Phillips
C Spruced Up – Ian Bamber
Portrait/ Figure
1st Ruby – Ian Bamber
2nd Welcome – Andy Phillips
3rd Emma – Ian Sudall
HC Baby Blue Eyes – Karan Riches
HC Daddy’s Girl – Karen Riches
C Curley Locks – Karen Riches
C Jo In White – Roy Pickering
Natural History
1sr Polar Bear – Steward Ellett
2nd Araneus Diadematus With Prey – Richard Heyes
3rd Tiptoe Past – Lynda McIntyre (Beg)
HC Broad-bodied Libellula Female – Richard Heyes
HC Wood Sorrel – Lee Johnson
C Affection – Stewart Ellett
C Otterly Intrigued – Karen Riches
C Pheasant – Nigel Watson (Beg)
1st Notre Dame Basillica Quebec – Liam Loughlin
2nd Notre Dame Detail – Irene Whittham
3rd Beijing Roof Detail – Jim Cunningham
C Hall Of Mirrors Versailles – Roy Pickering
1st Serenity – Andy Phillips and overall Winner of the projected Images 2012
2nd Albert Docks – Liam Loughlin
3rd 1940’s Day GI – Ian Sudall
HC albert Dock & Three Graces – Ken Vear
HC Chrysanthemum – Lynda McIntyre (Beg)
C Chimp Gaze – Lynda McIntyre {Beg)
C In The Realm of The Gods – Jim Cunningham
C Kessock Bridge – John Murray
Photo Journalism/ Travel
1st Japanese Choke Hold – Andy Phillips
2nd High Speed Argument – Liam Loughlin
3rd Thro The Surf – Ken Vear
C Horse With Laughter – Lynda McIntyre (Beg)
C What Take Our Photo – Jim Cunningham
1st Elite Cyclists – Richard Heyes
2nd A Little Baby Bumble Bee – Karen Riches
3rd Yellow Flowers – Jim Cunningham
C Kicking Up Leaves – Karen Riches
Section Images Entered
Open Colour Advanced 23
Open colour Beginners 15
Landscape 39
Portraits/ Figure Study 29
Natural History 31
Architecture/Record 14
Mono 25
Photo Journalism- Travel 19
Creative 14
Total Images 209

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