As Shot Competition

By popular demand will will be running a special competition after the summer break for photographs which have not been manipulated in any way. For want of a better title the competition will be referred to as “As Shot”

It is  on Photo Entry but images must be taken during the Summer Break ( 1 July and 1 September) so it is not yet open.

The concept is simple you just upload the jpeg file exactly as it came out of camera, phone, tablet etc but to be fair to all there need to be rules so here they are:-

  1. Camera must be set to record a small fine Jpeg image (closest it will do to the normal comp size 1600 x 1200) to make uploading work.
  2. If the camera or phone can apply “Styles or Filters” they can not be used
  3. Image entered must be exactly as downloaded from the camera no adjustments of any kind, not resized and no borders, if it needs resizing we will let Photo Entry sort it.
  4. Image entered must include full Exif and be shot between 1 July and 1 September
  5. Max 4 entries/person
  6. Competition is Projected images only no prints

Anyone who doesn’t want to lose a chance of a great shot can shoot RAW and small Jpeg as long as they don’t use the raw in this competition.


Following a members request we have agreed to accept Mono images provided the camera was set to Mono at the time of capture. No post processing is allowed.