Club Competition 2 Results

Judged 6 April 2020 by Jim Cunningham

Boy on the Beach
Boy On The Beach by Sue Waterhouse


Susan Waterhouse Boy on the beach 1st
Nan Goodall Shadows at Egglestone Abbey 2nd
Nan Goodall Natasha J Bella 3rd=
Susan Waterhouse A walk to the lighthouse 3rd=

Projected Images

Which One Do You Like
Which One Do You Like by Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Which one do you like 1st
Lynn Arstall Chirpy Chappy 2nd
Bob Singleton BA ARPS By the light of the moon 3rd
Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Iris Seed Head HC
Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Harry C
Keith Heyworth Corn Exchange, Leeds C
Keith Heyworth River Aire Salts Mill C
Keith Heyworth Lady Chapel, Liverpool Cathedral C
Susan Waterhouse The Farrier C