Featured Member Andy Phillips

These were taken from my new website which is still under construction
FYLDE COAST STORM This was a shot in the making!! On my pc is a folder that has all the locations I want to shoot and haven’t had the time or the opportunity to do so. One of them was the shot shown here. You need certain conditions to make it work. A High Tide, a Storm and a day off, Nerves of steel and a westerly wind. This storm was a powerful one and the wardens were patrolling the prom in their vans deterring people from being too near the crashing waves hitting the concrete. I watched the wave activity for a while with a photographic mate and we counted that the big wave would hit every 20 waves. I ran down with my camera to get the shot ( My mate was singing “That’s the last time I saw Andy Phillips”) and I got this amazing picture. Unfortunately, there was an ear splitting crack as an even bigger wave hit the concrete right beside me and I just managed to get my camera under my coat as it covered me. My mate was cleaning the dried in salt off the seats for a considerable time after that and I put a swear box in his car.
MILK DROPS This is a composite of about 20 shots. Easy to do and then photoshop it to hell.
CONTRA JEUR (Into the sun) Shot under the North Pier in Blackpool. Keep it simple!
SCARY MAN I was asked to shoot a kids charity day I whilst I was in New Zealand. I spotted this man in the crowd. He looks like a New Zealander Freddie Kruger! I was actually photographing his side profile when he turned round and stared at me. The tattoo’ s show his family history. He got a little abusive till I stood up.
Andy Phillips