Featured Member Roy Pickering

I have always been fascinated by the clouds and the colours the sky presents us with.I put this down to the fact, that no matter where you are,the sky patterns are never the same twice.In many cases you need only wait a matter of moments and you will get a different picture as the clouds roll by.
We all love a sunrise/sunset and the colours they produce,add this to a super cloud formation and it becomes magic.
Image 1
Taken on a late September evening from out of my front bedroom window
Image 2
Was taken from the top of the Great Orme in Llandudno at dusk on a very blustery day,with a gale blowing,I could hardly stand. The last rays of the day were billowing out onto the water from an ink black sky
Taken this October at Durdle Dor in Dorset, A late afternoon shot provided me with this dramatic sky, with little shafts of light just falling on the Isle of Portland.
Image 4
A very sunny day provided me with a totally different skyscape. No dramatic lighting as such but with perfect photographic “Cottonwool” clouds.
The inclusion of the figure was an added bonus. I saw her heading for the summit of “Monte Baldo” in Italy,and when she stopped to take in the view,she positioned herself perfectly. She had not seen me until I shouted “Thank You”, she then gave me a great big smile and wave has she went on her way, Aah, Beautiful Days !!!