How to use the clubroom

You are here so I guess you spotted the new menu item above. The 1st time you click on the Clubroom link it will guide you through the registration process and after that you just enter your details and password to get in.

This is a members only area so please use your real name. I’m not sure if it allows spaces in user names so you can use initials and surname to register because you can edit the name displayed in the forum later.

Once you are in it looks like this.

On the top Menu is the Profile tab. Use it to set your displayed name to your full name and you can also add a photo so we all recognise who’s posting. Photos are a small square crop 150px each side. Like this

The new posts logo lets you know if anyone has posted anything since you last visited and you click the General Discussion Board to get in.

Here you can see all the posts with the newest at the top. In the jargon these are called THREADS because under the main post you will see all the replies. Just click on one to open it.

At the top right hand side there is a Create Thread button – use this to post something new.

When you open a post it looks like this

You can read what has been said and you have 2 options if you want to respond. There is the reply button at the top right (this gives you lots of options like including photos etc) and a quick reply pane for text only at the bottom of the page.

Above you see a reply to a post and the quick reply box.

If you want to make a new post you go back to General Discussion and click CREATE THREAD

You get the New Post window and you would get an almost identical one if you used REPLY instead of QUICK REPLY when responding to someone else’s post, the difference being that this has a button at the bottom Create Thread whereas the reply window says post.

Its fairly self explanatory. You type in the box, if you use Facebook etc you should find your way round in no time.

To add photos you do one of 2 things. If the photo is on-line somewhere ie. on a website or Facebook etc use the Photo tool (Red arrow) to enter its URL. If the photo is on your computer use the add attachment button.

There is a size limit in megabytes so only post small images, the size we use in club comps is fine but a 20 megapixel image just wont work. 1600px long side 90% jpeg and you’ll get along great.

Once done click Create/post and you are done.

Linked Images display full size in the post. Attachments display small until the reader clicks on them.