Meeting 14 March

By Barry Aldous

This evening’s presentation is light hearted in nature and will comprise image sequences and A/V shows. The content is varied and demonstrates a range of photographic styles and techniques used by those involved with stereoscopic 3D imaging over a period of more than 150 years.
‘Introducing Stereoscopy’ (7 minutes) – A very brief record of 3-D innovations and events that have taken place since the middle of the 19th Century, including recent digital images, presented in both 2D and 3D. Produced by Barry Aldous.
‘High Days and Holidays’ (12 minutes) – Otto Bathurst, representing the fourth generation of a family connected with stereo photography, gives an insight into his grandfather’s life and times over eighty years ago; originally produced on glass plates and converted to 35mm before finally being digitised: Produced by Bob Aldridge & Otto Bathurst.
‘Introducing Pat Whitehouse’ (4 minutes) – A little background to this renowned natural history photographer: Compiled by Barry Aldous
‘Garden Natural History’ (18 minutes) – Perhaps the best Natural History show that Pat Whitehouse created. Produced 30 years ago, it remains inspirational to many 3-D photographers. Digital conversion by Barry Aldous.
‘Creative Eye 3D’ (16 minutes) – A look into the search for stereoscopic representations of our world by artists and photographers alike. Produced by Barry Aldous.
‘AV-5’ (15 minutes) – Three examples of entries for The Stereoscopic Society’s restricted duration, audio visual competition;

  1. Playing with Time by Barry Aldous.
  2. To Be A Painted Lady by Bob Pryce.
  3. George by Ray McMillan.

‘Gloria’ (4 minutes) – An extract from the Pat Whitehouse’s ‘A Tribute to Handel’ show first seen 40 years ago. This sequence is precisely set to the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ and provides a fitting close to this evenings presentation: Digital conversion by Barry Aldous.