Meeting 16 March

Our speaker understandably declined to join us this evening. Nine people turned up at  and much was discussed around the ongoing situation we are dealing with at the moment.

We decided that

Meetings will be postponed for the foreseeable future. Certainly till the end of April and possibly more.

We will keep a close monitor on any public information updates with a view to assessing our response as a club and our future actions will be determined by how the situation develops.

It is very important that the club continues to engage strongly with all its members during this enforced period of isolation. So we are looking to an interactive slot via the website and forum to replace normal meeting times.

Bob will update members in the next newsletter. Please keep a special watch out for the club newsletter that normally arrives in your inbox about 9.00 am on a Thursday morning.

Other avenues of communication were discussed, the whatsapp group, photoentry and even [if we can find a low cost solution] video conferencing. It was suggested that members might be encouraged to upload a particular themed picture via photoentry as a way of us all still communicating and exchanging information together. Other various suggestions are to be explored.

With regard to club competitions.

Tonight’s Comp 2 – both prints and DPI’s will be judged as DPI’s. Bob is working on solutions, that could be shared, around judging of same.

Comp 3 will be DPI entries only.

The Winsor and Rosenburg [which are prints only] will be postponed until later on in the year.


Hope this info helps.

All the best to you all in these trying times. Nan