Meeting 24 February

Jim Holmes

The meeting was a join event with Darwen Camera Club attending as our guests for the evening. This ensured a good turn out for what was one of the best lectures ever held at the club.

Jim is a very good speaker and showed us work both old and new, but what made it special were the stories he told. The organisations he worked for, the long term projects he documents and how the images are used.

Jim has several different talks, we were treated to:

Humanitarian Vision.

A visual introduction to the fantastic work done around the world by groups, agencies and charities that specialise in humanitarian development and assistance projects. Uplifting and insightful, strong images introduce the audience to projects in Afghanistan, Mongolia, Laos, India, Myanmar and many other countries.

Jim says

My talks and lectures are generated from 30 years of travelling and working around the world, I have great experiences and stories to share. My talks are listed below, but by far the most popular currently is the presentation that highlights my work for international charities such as Oxfam, Save the Children and the United Nations. I have worked in 50 countries including Afghanistan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and subjects include: refugee issues, clean water, rural health services, UXO clearance and natural disasters such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami in Indonesia. I am a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and lecture on geographical subjects, as well as my photographic work. My talks are passionate, professional and thought provoking illustrated by the best of my portfolio.


If you missed the evening please have a look at his portfolio on his website