Meeting 3 February

The meeting was held in the small room as is usual for the 1st Monday of each month and as a result was quite crowded.

In the first half Jim Cunningham showed a selection of photos from various trips and explained his thought processes in setting up the photos and how they were presented.

Richard Heyes had intended to give a tutorial on Photoshop layers but unfortunately pressure of time meant that his talk will be rescheduled.

Last week Keith Stewart had introduced 2 pieces of Topaz software and during the interval Bob Singleton showed some trials he had done with them demonstrating how effective Topaz Denoise and Topaz Sharpen were on a few wildlife images.

Reviews of the software are on line and can be viewed via the links below.

Topaz Sharpen

Topaz Denoise

We then tried out a competition voting system using apps on phones to mark images being displayed in the Dicentra Competition system.

The trial was successful in that the 2 phones used logged into the wireless network we set up and Dicentra collected the scores and displayed results. Keith will now see if he can come up with an informal competition to use the system.

Finally there was time to demonstrate how to resize images correctly for competitions and we showed how a simple stand alone editor can be used instead of something complex like Photoshop.

You can read the tutorial via the link below


The program demonstrated was IrfanView

Finally there was a bit of time to view Bob Singletons short AV on the Himalayan region of Ladakh