Meeting Monday 29 January

Tabletop Photography

Tonight’s meeting will be a ‘walk through’ exercise on how to create eye-catching images using a variety of objects. Some call this ‘Product Photography’ or ‘Still Life’.

You are going to need your cameras, lenses, tripods, flash units etc. Don’t forget to charge your batteries.

Other general pieces of equipment such as backdrops, lighting systems etc will be available on the night. However, if you have your own set-ups such as lighting units, reflectors, backdrops, diffusers, triggers etc., please bring them with you on the night.

It would be helpful if members could bring some ‘table-top’ objects with them, so we will have a wider variety to select from. If you would like to bring a ‘group’ of objects that you feel would compliment each other as an image, then please feel free.

Remember, the key to success is not solely the intensity of lighting itself, but the ‘positioning and control of lighting direction’.

We’re hoping to set up a range of photographic possibilities and have alternative lighting scenarios so that we could change the ‘ambience’ or ‘effects’ on an image as required.

Several of our more experienced members will be available to demonstrate and guide others throughout the evening.

What you get from the evening will really depend on how much you get involved.


Keith Stewart.