Next Meeting

 Monday 7 March
Last week we had a discussion about the format and you will see below Keith and Nicola’s ideas for the future.

This week

Bob Singleton will offer assistance with Lightroom. If you are interested bring some raw images and possibly your laptop.
We will also look at exposure and histograms
Nicola will be available for you to talk to to tell her what you would like to see in future.

Future Camera Clinics

Monthly Clinic Evenings 7.00 – 8.00pm.

As all members will be aware, our club has tried to offer ‘monthly clinic evenings’ in an attempt to help and support those wishing to come to terms with ‘basic camera techniques’ or just wanting some assistance with a particular aspect of photography. Getting together with experienced members should help improve both the understanding and quality of new members work.
The evenings, as usual, start at 7.00pm and last for 1 hour.
A syllabus is now being put together following a very responsive discussion during last week’s meeting on how they should run this year.

Topics suggested:

  • How to use histograms.
  • Lightroom. Basic techniques.
  • Photoshop. Hands on.
  • Using basic camera settings.
  • Looking at different types of photography.
  • Mounting images. How to mark out and cut card.
  • How to improve images quickly using easy steps – setting up a ‘work flow’.

Other topics were mentioned and will go forward for future clinics.
If you have any other requests that you may feel should be considered, then get in touch with Nicola or Keith.
Other members can attend at 7.00pm if they wish or attend at the normal time 7.30pm and use the opportunity to socialise or catch up on forthcoming events.
Nicola and Keith.

This Week’s Meeting

After the break starting about 8:00 pm we will have a critique session.

If you have any work you want assistance with or comment on bring it along.
The suggested theme this week is “Street” or “Pictures of People Doing Things” but if you have anything else you want to talk about feel free to bring it along.