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Monday 12 March Invited Speaker Chris Morris

Using Film & Television Lighting in Fashion & Underwater Photography

Brief Introduction: For the last sixteen years, I have worked as a professional fashion photographer in London.  To help achieve a greater balance between work, life and undertake new personal projects I recently moved back to Manchester.
Feedback from my lecture at the South Liverpool Photographic Society inspired this approach to become a visiting lecturer during a 2018 club meeting.  Clearly, my approach to photography might be different via the use of “Film & Television Lighting”, although this does provide a rare opportunity for your members to view new techniques and ideas.
Fashion, Celebrity & Underwater Photography: Exclusively using “Film & Television Lighting”.  All of my work is created cost effectively, using continuous lighting sources.  Most of these effects and techniques are impossible to implement with conventional “Flash Lighting”.  I am aware of only ten other photographers in the United Kingdom that offer the same level of specialisation.  This extensive knowledge base can be extended equally toward portraiture, fashion images, pop videos and broadcast television commercials.  Deployment of “Film & Television” lighting integrates seamlessly if capturing video and digital still images as part of the same project; I predict that we will see further convergence between the skill set required for digital image and digital video capture as a direct result of technological developments.
Underwater Photography: Combination of lighting, diving and fashion knowledge offer many opportunities to studios wanting to develop underwater ideas.  Commissions have included Polaroid calendars and a series of London’s Burning (LWT).  My images are also included in the Hollywood action thriller “Mind Hunters”, directed by Renny Harlin. Qualifications include Health & Safety Executive standard HSE Media Diver, covering the following legislation Safety at Work Act 1974 and Diving at Work Regulations 1997