Programme 2013

We have recently updated the programme so please check to see what the new arrangements are.


5 Visit to Grane Road reservoirs and ruins
12 Visit to Dinckley
19 Entry for quarterly – Theme – People at Play
James – Compact cameras (TBC) followed by Mick & Barry – Landscapes
26 Bank Holiday


1 Sunday – visit to Salmsbury Hall
2 Results: Quarterly – People at Play, Open Forum
9 Entry: Panel of Three
Visit to Witton Park
16 A workshop on photobooks – why, how, possible subjects, and critiques – Lee & Bob
23 Results: Panel of Three – Open Forum
30 Entry: Quarterly – Theme: Small is Beautiful
HDR – The good, the bad & the ugly Liam & Lee


7 Extravaganza Night
14 Results Quarterly – Open Forum
21 Entry: Activities
Elimination Competition
24 (Thursday) Battle with Atherton at Atherton
28 Visit to Salford Quays


4 Entry: President’s Prize – Theme: ‘Every day life. Everyday story.’
I’m looking for an image that tells a story of everyday life. Whether this is
an unfolding event of a journalistic nature or something that documents an everyday activity.
Results – Activities Competition Open Forum
11 Results – President’s Prize
18 L and CPU Nature and Illustrative Print
25 Joint lecture with Darwen at Darwen – Kathryn Scorah


2 President’s Evening
9 ICPA Mono Print (available 8th to 21st Dec)
16 Free and Easy
23 Holiday
30 Holiday