The annual Matching Image Battle

The annual Matching Image Battle between Preston PS, Blackburn CC and Burnley CC is rapidly approaching and we need 60 images for the competition.
It’s the same format as last year although we have modified (improved) the rules slightly. The judge is the same as last year: Gordon Jenkins APAGB.

DPI image content should feature at least two or three elements, e.g. a cow with a train and a blue sky with fluffy white clouds or say a full still life. I want variety in all its forms: creativity, obscurity, funny, moody, emotional, wildlife, landscape, portrait, sports, transport, textured images, grunge, record, architecture, travel, colour and B&W, fast shutter, slow shutter, etc. In fact just about anything you’ve ever taken but do try for recent images please!
Image type and size is sRGB, 1600 x 1200, jpeg. Please do not send any other size as I unfortunately don’t have time to resize your images!
So can you please send up to 10 images to me via the email address shown below and I can choose the 60 images from all those that come in. I don’t mind whether you are young or old, beginner or advanced, a new member or one who has been with the club since the day it started! I’ll try to include as many members as possible in the competition.

This is a fun competition (that we do want to win) so please do try to support it by entering your images and turning up! It’s being held at Burnley CC on Tuesday 11th September 2018. Address is the Sion Baptist Church, Chapel Street, Burnley, BB11 2DW. Burnley have also said they WILL be laying on some top nosh too so no need to eat your tea!

Our club will need to bring:
• Audience for participation and banter. The greater our audience, the better our chances of winning!
• The team captain plus two image selectors (Unless otherwise stated, team captains are Jeremy Malley-Smith, Mandy Burney-Cumming and Stephen Riley).
• Our own club’s scorer (with pen).
• Laptop for choosing images & power lead (I’ll use mine).
• Digital projector (1600 x 1200 / sRGB / JPG) & power lead.
• Suitable lead to connect the laptop to projector. (HDMI with 2 chamfers fits into my laptop)
• A bank of 60 images to ‘match’ or to be ‘matched’.
• 10m (minimum) extension cable with double socket.
• Suitable software to quickly select and project your images, we can use software on my laptop.
• Note the projection screen is not required.

Just to re-iterate what can be deemed a ‘match’. At the start of the competition when the clubs have a large number of images in their bank; if club A shows a red car while club B shows a green train and club C shows a collection of red boxes in the rough shape of a car, the judge may deem no matches. However, towards the end of the competition, with similar images shown, the judge may deem all images to be a match (because it is much harder to make a match at the end of the competition)! The judge can be persuaded for any reason as to why an image may or may not be be a match by all members of the audience.
The best image in the round is now chosen from the image to be matched plus those deemed to be a match.

Regards and many thanks,

Jeremy Malley-Smith LRPS DPAGB BPE2*