The Web Forum

Blackburn & District Camera Club host a web forum on this site but it is a members only forum not open to the general public.
Until quite recently to register for it all you needed to do was visit the forum and click register to choose a user name and password. You were then verified by a committee member and if you are a paid up member your account was authorised.
However we are sorry but that system has to be changed because the forum is attracting a lot ( double figures every day ) of attempted registrations by none members. This is proving an administrative headache checking dozens of applications each week.
So from now on if members want a forum log in they must ask the secretary for one.
I’m sorry to have to do this but it will be much easier to administer.
There will be full details in Xtra each week.
This does not affect those members who have forum accounts at present and if any member would like to join in the discussions etc you just need to email the secretary and you will get your login quickly