This Week's Meeting

Improving Your Photography

One major reason to join a camera club is to learn more about the subject and to improve your work.
As a camera club we also hope to enter Inter-club competitions and do well.
The committee are conscious that our format for helping members, The Monthly Camera Clinic is not working as well as it might and Nicola is heading up a working party to come up with ideas and a syllabus.
This week therefore we will begin with an open discussion to establish both what members would like to learn and which members will be able to help out by giving talks or mentoring others.


We will use the L&CPU PDI Folio to discuss the specific requirements of Competitive Photography. This will give you the chance to see successful images and for us to formulate a strategy to get more of our members to a standard where they feel confident that their work can reach the quality needed to compete seriously at that level.