Hi to all members of BDCC.
This Monday, August 15th, member Steward Ellett is giving a presentation on “Wildlife Throughout the World”. Steward is much travelled and an excellent wildlife photographer, so we are in for a treat. Don’t miss it!. More information below.
Syllabus Secretary
Jim Cunningham
Steward Ellett, welshot imaging team leader

I love to teach help and inspire those with a passion for Photography to learn because it is great to see people improve their skills and see the excitement they get from getting it right.
My name is Steward Ellett and I am a Part-time photograher. My Photographic genre is Wildlife and Nature. I have been taking pictures for 15 years.
In my kit bag there is too much to carry but all Canon and I currently use a 7d – 5dmkII – 1dmkIIn. My wish list would be for a Canon 500 prime lens. The one think I could not do without in my kit bag is a Flask and Memory Cards.
If I could photograph ONE person it would be: Audrey Hepburn and it was my Wife that inspired me to first pick up a camera. The retirement from my full time job has increased the passion within my Photogrpahy.
My last “Click” would be of any Wildlife subject.