Annual Exhibition DPI Results

Best DPI Running By –   Richard Heyes





Beginners open 1 Dawn Burton Singing ringing Tree
Beginners open 2 Christine Porter Entangled
Beginners open 3 Dawn Burton Bay sunset
Beginners open Comm Sam Wilson Summer Evening
Advanced Open 1 Jeremy Malley-Smith Tyndrum, Scotland
Advanced Open 2 Richard Heyes Glitter Ball South Shore Blackpool
Advanced Open 3 Nan Goodall Sunny Crocus
Advanced Open High Comm Mike Stanley Decay
Advanced Open High Comm Nan Goodall A Classic View
Advanced Open Comm Mike Stanley In the Heat of the Furnace
Advanced Open Comm Jeremy Malley-Smith Ministry of Foriegn Affairs
Portrait 1 Jim Cunningham And So
Portrait 2 Kevin Driver Here’s Looking at you Kid
Portrait 3 Kevin Driver Attension
Portrait High comm Kevin Driver Jess
Portrait Comm Jeremy Malley-Smith Say Cheese
Portrait Comm Mike stanley Last Lass Standing
Natural History 1 Jim Cunningham Rutting Deer
Natural History 2 Richard Heyes Porcelain Fungus
Natural History 3 Jeremy Malley-Smith Stonechat
Natural History V High Comm Jeremy Malley-Smith Puffin coming in to Land
Natural History V High Comm Nan Goodall Fly Agaric – Amanita Muscaria
Natural History High comm Nan Goodall Green Veined White – Pieris Napi
Natural History High comm Barry Noon Fly Agaric
Natural History High comm Richard Heyes Robin
Natural History Comm Jeremy Malley-Smith White Tailed Eagle with Dinner
Natural History Comm Mike Stanley Aquiligia (Grannies Bonnet)
Creative 1 Jim Cunningham The Horror of War
Creative 2 Jim Cunningham Birds
Creative 3 Richard Heyes Cycle Silhouette
Creative V High Comm Kevin Driver Roddlesworth in a Parallel Universe
Creative High Comm Nan Goodall Watercolour Snowdrops
Creative Comm Kevin Driver I spy with my Little Eye
Creative Comm James Hull Raindrops on Red
Architecture – Record 1 Sam Wilson Fine Porcelain
Architecture – Record 2 Mike Stanley Stained Glass Window – Howarth Art Gallery
Architecture – Record 3 David Radley Chapel Roof – York Minster
Architecture – Record High Comm Jim Cunningham Guggenheim, Bilbao
Architecture – Record Comm Barry Noon Browsholme Hall
Architecture – Record Comm Jeremy Malley-Smith Castle Stalker
Monochrome 1 Jim Cunningham Playing the Blues
Monochrome 2 Jeremy Malley-Smith Old Tree
Monochrome 3 Richard Heyes Winter Trees
Monochrome High Comm Richard Heyes Sea Defences, Blackpool
Monochrome Comm Kevin Driver Ogden Woods
Monochrome Comm Barry Noon West View
Photo Journalism 1 Richard Heyes Running By
Photo Journalism 2 Jeremy Malley-Smith Town Square, Valetta
Photo Journalism 3 Kevin Driver Couldn’t of Timed it Better
Photo Journalism Comm Jim Cunningham Baroque Splendour
Photo Journalism Comm Jim Cunningham Eating Dirt
Landscape 1 Jeremy Malley-Smith Glencoe Valley
Landscape 2 Richard Heyes Malham Trees
Landscape 3 Jeremy Malley-Smith The Buckle
Landscape High Comm Jim Cunningham In the Ordessa Valley
Landscape High Comm Jim Cunningham Spring on the Canal du Midi
Landscape Comm Jim Cunningham First Sun on Cat Bells
Landscape Comm Barry Noon Autumn Walk

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