Annual Exhibition – Pdi – Monochrome

Keeping us Warm - Monochrome - Adv


Keeping us Warm – Jim Cunningham
Low Tide


Low Tide – Barry Noon
Lines on the Sand


Lines on the Sand – Richard Heyes

Very Highly Commended

Girl at the Mill
Girl at the Mill – Mike Stanley
Knaresborough  Thro the Viaduct mono
Knaresborough Thro the Viaduct – Ken Vear
2 - Birley Waterfalls
Birley Waterfalls – Lee Johnson

Highly Commended

Clinker – Barry Noon
Industrial Runcorn
Industrial Runcorn – Mick Park
Winter's Morning
Winter’s Morning – Richard Heyes


New York, New York
New York, New York – Jeremy Malley-Smith
Gawthorpe Hall
Gawthorpe Hall – Barry Noon
Pulling in the Net - Monochrome - Adv
Pulling in the Net – Jim Cunningham
Woodland Path
Woodland Path – Sam Wilson