Annual Exhibition Results DPI Travel & Journalism

Freestyle Kayak Nile River Festival 2014 Uganda John Macdonald
13_Freestyle Kyak Nile River Festival 2014 Uganda_John Macdonald_(1st)
Race face Liam Loughlin
09_race face_Liam Loughlin_(2nd)
Taking up tramlines-Blackburn Boulevard Dec2013 Mike Stanley
02_Taking up tramlines-Blackburn Boulevard Dec2013_Mike Stanley_(3rd)
Very Highly Commended
Downing on cobbles Liam Loughlin
23_downing on cobbles_Liam Loughlin_(-)
Highly Commended
The Fellsman, double header at Brownhill Richard Heyes
24_The Fellsman, double header at Brownhill_Richard Heyes_(-)
Watching the match – Zanzibar Town Lindsey Macdonald
22_Watching the match - Zanzibar Town_Lindsey Macdonald_(-)
Swiss Guard, The Vatican Graham Heys
10_Swiss Guard, The Vatican_Graham Heys_(-)Blackmore’s Night Jeremy Malley-Smith
Hermitage – St Petersburg Bob Singleton
26_Hermitage - St Petersburg_Bob Singleton_(-)
Why Me Jim Cunningham
25_Why Me - Travel - Adv_Jim Cunningham_(-)
Destruction of Blackburn’s old Market Mike Stanley
19_Destruction of Blackburn's old Market_Mike Stanley_(-)
Leaning Tower of Pisa BARRY NOON
06_Leaning Tower of Pisa_BARRY NOON_(-)
Watching the 2013 eclipse Packwach Lindsey Macdonald
11_Watching the 2013 eclipse Packwach_Lindsey Macdonald_(-)