Club Competition 1


End of a good drying day


Name Entry Title Score
Jim Cunningham The End of a Good Drying Day 20 1st
Lynne Corcoran Storm clouds over Blea Moor signal box 20 2nd
Margaret Keane Nuts are good 19 3rd
Nan Goodall Ruben 18 C
Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Fountains Abbey 18 C
Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Redshank in Winter Plummage 18 C
Lynne Corcoran Juvenile Blackbird drunk on berries 17
Tom Corcoran Arctic Tern looking for lunch 17
Tom Corcoran Miller Park, Preston with Earl of Derby and Founta 17
Tom Corcoran Across Morecambe Bay from Furness 17
Nan Goodall River Brathay Blues 17
Lynne Corcoran Heavy morning mist on conifer shoot 16
Lynne Corcoran Arctic Tern greets her chick – Farne Islands 16
Tom Corcoran Gordale Scar, Malhamdale, North Yorks 16
Jim Cunningham A Frosty Morning in Bushy Park 16
Delice Fletcher Lady in Blue 16
Nan Goodall Winters Touch 16
Keith Stewart Turning on the light 16
Keith Stewart Flower detail 16
Ken Fletcher Hungry Fulmar 15
Margaret Keane Mixing old with new 15
Keith Stewart Ballet Dancer 15
Keith Stewart Feral Cat 15
Jim Cunningham Cloud Clearing over Haystacks 14
Nan Goodall Teal 14
Margaret Keane Grassy refuge 14
Jim Cunningham You Want me to PLAY the Piano 13





Name Entry Title Score
Susan Waterhouse Concentration 20 1st
Jim Cunningham Murmuration at Blackpool 20 2nd
Jim Cunningham The Light Tunnel, King’s Cross Station 19 3rd
Lynn Arstall Baby Alpaca 18 C
Lynne Corcoran St. Cuthbert’s Chapel, Farne Islands 18 C
Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Evening on the Estuary 18 C
Bob Singleton BA ARPS Bittern with frog 18 C
Bob Singleton BA ARPS Black iguana 18 C
Susan Waterhouse Le Velo 18 C
Susan Waterhouse Angled Angel 18 C
Lynn Arstall Scottish Highland Cow 17
Frank Blahuta Bolton Abbey Sunrise 17
Lynne Corcoran Tranquility – Bowness on Windermere 17
Lynne Corcoran Frosty morning – sugar coated 17
Jim Cunningham Refuge from the Storm 17
Nan Goodall Across the Frosty River 17
Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Lapwing with Young 17
Keith Heyworth Great Orme Cemetery Chapel 17
James Hull Church st blackburn night refection 17
Margaret Keane Squirrel attack 17
Margaret Keane Little egret wading 17
Mick Park Ranoch Moor 17
Bob Singleton BA ARPS Osprey in Flight 17
Keith Stewart Looking for a meal 17
Sam Wilson Eric Morecambe 17
Lynn Arstall Giant Owl Butterfly 16
Lynne Corcoran Eilean Donan Castle, Loch Duich, Scotland 16
Tom Corcoran A trek along the beach – Lindisfarne 16
Jim Cunningham Watched Over Liquid Lunch 16
Nan Goodall Scarlet Elf Cups 16
Margaret Keane Whooper swans in cameo 16
Mick Park Kintyre Shore 16
Keith Stewart Getting down and dirty 16
Susan Waterhouse The photoshoot 16
Sam Wilson Cormorants 16
Lynn Arstall Glasswinged Butterfly 15
Frank Blahuta Pensive Otter 15
Tom Corcoran Malham Cove, North Yorks 15
Tom Corcoran Fungus on the tree stump 15
Nan Goodall Painted Lady 15
Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Autumn Light 15
Keith Heyworth Rosie 15
Keith Heyworth Jetty at Skipool 15
Mick Park Goredale Scar 15
Keith Stewart The lone tree 15
Sam Wilson Iron man 15
Frank Blahuta Crane 14
Tom Corcoran Stocks Reservoir, Forest of Bowland 14
Nan Goodall Loughrigg Tarn 14
Richard Heyes EFIAP BPE2* Closed Today 14
Keith Heyworth Neither up nor down 14
Bob Singleton BA ARPS Swift hunting over Martin Mere 14
Frank Blahuta Orrest Head View 13
Mick Park Drumbeg 13
Margaret Keane In another place 12
Keith Stewart Storm on it’s way 12
Sam Wilson St. Peter’s church 12


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