Featured Member – Barry Noon

Barry Noon this year’s Photographer of the Year (Beginners section) is our 1st Featured Photographer.
He has provided us with a selection of his recent work, and a little information about the images.
Beach Grasses – I really like simple images and I probably took over a 200 shots on a trip to Southport most of which are on or close to the beach. I just love the texture and feel for the grasses on the sand dunes and in this image the vibrancy of the grasses against the backdrop of a grey sky just did it for me!
Sand patterns – We have all done it -walked barefoot on the sands and enjoyed the experience of a paddle and occasionally a bit more. The patterns that the sea leaves behind on the sands can only be described as inspiring and this act of nature leaves me in awe!
Autumn Flows – A pleasant enough image taken on a recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales. I spent a number of hours at this location near Horton and waited quite some time for someone to walk over the bridge – it never happened! Not a competition winner but quite a pleasant and tranquil feel to the image with Autumn colour.
The Big Wheel – Yes its Blackpool and the central pier. This image was taken on a recent club outing and although a pleasant enough evening it was blowing a gale at the time. When I first view the image as a raw file on the computer is was all black and under exposed. It just proves what can be achieved with a bit of tinkering in your favourite editing program.
Mr Morecambe – I’m sure we’ve all taken this shot at some time or other. It was a very bright day and I was struggling with exposures. In the end I just took the shot and I love it. A nice crisp image on a superb backdrop – ok I know I have lost the detail in the figure but to my mind it doesn’t matter. What I particular like and what makes it for me is the couple on the form. Have you noticed anything else – I have reversed the image for a bit of fun!
Low Tide – This image shows the sea defence at Morecambe, I took the shot about 18” from ground level to ensure that the boulders in the foreground were dominant because again as with most of my work I enjoy looking for different textures. The boats in the background help to give the image perspective. I have cropped most of the sky out because it took your eye away from the main subject.