Meeting Monday January 13

Last Monday night we had the first of our tutorial evenings; this was a little different than normal because there seems to be a bug going round and some of our members were unable to attend. However it proved a very interesting evening with lots of discussion and some thought provoking demonstrations.

Keith Stewart started off the evening by talking about two semi automated programs which were recommended to him by a professional photographer. These are Portrait Pro and landscape Pro. Both made by Anthropics Technology Ltd.

Keith showed some examples of the kind of manipulation you can achieve semi automatically using these programs including adjustment of the skin tones on the model, changing and adjusting the colours and removing and replacing backgrounds.

Landscape Pro provides very similar functionality but optimised for subjects other than people with the ability to select skies rocks grass trees and the like.

We had intended to do a question and answer on Photoshop but unfortunately due to illness the presenter wasn’t available and Bob Singleton took the session after the coffee break.
Bob explained that he had been looking at audio visual presentations since the talk we had a few weeks ago by Sheila Giles. Bob has looked into different types of software you to use for this and there are very many programs available on the market.

However he focused in on two which have the benefit of not only being very efficient and complete but have the added benefit of being free.
This was not a tutorial on how to use the software, instead we showed screenshots of the software in use so that members could gain an idea as to what the software does and Bob played a few videos made using the two pieces of software.

After the meeting Bob stayed on to answer a few queries and give one to one tuition on Lightroom.

If members are interested in pursuing AV Keith has suggested that we use one of the Monday night sessions later in the year for an AV night where members can show presentations with a maximum length of 3 minutes.

The software discussed on the evening can be obtained from the following sources.

Landscape Pro

Portrait Pro/

DaVinci Resolve

Photo Slideshow

Members who are interested in Post Processing Software which includes an artificial intelligence element to help with tasks such as replacing skies and adjusting portraits might also be interested in the program Luminar. If you were thinking of buying both Landscape Pro and Portrait Pro the cost of buying Luminar will be roughly the same and includes a number of other features that members might be interested in.