POTY Competition

It’s all over bar the shouting for Jim Cunningham in the advanced section, but still all to play for in the beginners with Barry Noon just in the lead with 26 points and Keith Stewart close behind on 23 points.
Watch this space as we get close to a winner in the very near future.
The positions in the POTY are listed below,these are the up to date scores as of the 20/08/2011.
Scores provided by Roy Pickering
Here is the updated position of the POTY
1 – Barry Noon 26
2 – Keith Stewart 23
3 – David Conroy 12
4 – Michael Green 8.5
5 – Peter Elliott 5.5
6 – Steward Ellett 4.5
1 – Jim Cunningham 40
2 – Andy Phillips 20
3 – Roy Pickering 16.5
4 – Richard Heyes 13.5
5 – Mick Park 11.5
6 – Ian Bamber 10
The Results from Monday 05/09/2011 and added above were..
Beginners Prints
1st Keith Stewart (Statues)
2nd Barry Noon (Last Light over Morecambe Bay)
3rd Keith Stewart ( Churches)
Beginners P-I
1st Michael Green
2nd Julia Sames
3rd Michael Green (Carnival)
David Conroy (Elephants)
Keith Stewart
Advanced Prints
1st Jim Cunningham
2nd Jim Cunningham
3rd Dorothy Dukworth (Pew Ends)
Advanced P-I
1st Carl Wild (New York)
2nd Carl Wild (Brooklyn Bridge)
3rd Richard Heyes ( Insects)
Last updated 07/09/2011.  Updated by J. Milton