Last night I talked about shooting photo-essays.Taking images for an essay is very different than making photographs for competition.  Although the technical aspects are important they shouldn’t be the overall concern.  The most important aspect of photo-essay ‘writing’ is the story which is being told.  That being said the set of photographs should be of sufficient quality as not to detract or distract the viewer.
I think the opening sentence to the Wikipedia article says it best;
‘A photo-essay (or photographic essay) is a set or series of photographs that are intended to tell a story or evoke a series of emotions in the viewer.’
Here are some resources from the talk so you can go off and explore a little more click the name to find out about the photographer and click the essay to see the images:
Robert CapaSpanish Civil War.
Donovan WylieBritish Watchtowers.
Martin ParrThe Last Resort.
Simon Roberts Pierdom.
Eve ArnoldBlack Muslim.
I also talked about researching a project before going out and shooting it.  In the discussions I talk about a couple of resources that I use and some members thought they would be useful  These are:
Mario – Lancashire County Councils mapping system.
Google Earth – Satellite mapping system.
The Photographer Ephemeris – Landscape photography utility software for sunrise, sunset, moonphase etc.
As part of the presentation I showed quite a bit of my stuff and links to those are here:
Laundry – Flickr Set
The River – Flickr set
Laundry – Issuu e-magazine
Remnants – Book
My blog site
Lee Johnson