Results Club Competition 2 Transport


    Award Author Title
Prints Beginners 1 Sam Wilson Queen Mary 2
    2 Sam Wilson Gondolas
Prints Advanced 1 Keith Stewart Exhausting Work
    2 Malc Taylor A Leisurely Pace
    3 Keith Stewart As it Says on the Tin
    Comm Malc Taylor Ready to Board
    Comm Pete Elliott Air Ambulance
DPI Beginners 1 Graham Warner Horse and Cart
    2 Sam Wilson Cumbrian Mountain Express
    3 Sam Wilson Crown Princess
    Comm Graham Warner Train
DPI Advanced 1 Mike Stanley Flying Economy
    2 Malc Taylor Pedal Power
    3 Malc Taylor Neatly Parked
    High Comm Richard Heys Flight
    Comm Nan Goodall Steaming Through Damems Station
    Comm Kevin Driver Howton to Glenridding

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