Results of the 1st Club Compertition

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 Jan 2014. Judge Richard Heyes, ARPS, EFIAP, BPE2*
Beginners DPI’s :
Arch / Record
1st place David Radley
1st place Kevin Driver
2nd place James Hull
3rd place Kevin Driver
Beginners Prints :
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Kevin Driver was only one to enter – no competition – award 3 points
Advanced DPI’s:
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1st place Mick Park
2nd place Mick Park
Jt 3rd place Mike Stanley
Jt 3rd place Mike Stanley
1st place Jim Cunningham
2nd place Jim Cunningham
3rd place Jim Cunningham
Commended Jim Cunningham
Commended Mick Park
Advanced Prints
Arch / Record
1st place Peter Elliott
2nd place Malc Taylor
1st place Malc Taylor
2nd place Nan Goodall