Silverdale Trip

Most members will know that the club forum has a section for trips and meetings. Last week Barry Noon realised that the forecast for Wednesday was not too bad and suggested a trip out to Silverdale.
I spotted the post so did John & Jim and so we had a full car and a trip was on.
We were very lucky with the weather. Wednesday turned out to be the only good day and we had an enjoyable walk followed by lunch on the beach in Silverdale.
I got a few pictures and since we don’t have a featured photographer this week I thought I would feature the meetings forum where anyone can propose an outing and get some company for shoot.
If you’ve not posted there give it a go its a great way to get to know other club members and actually get out with your camera. I know that if Barry had not posted I would not have gone out that day and would have missed an enjoyable trip.