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Monday 6 November

Please Note This Meeting Is Via Zoom
There will not be a physical meeting Please do not go to the Canberra Club

Martin Patten on zoom talking about self critiquing your images
In general, photographers are very good at deciding how much they like someone else’s photo. It is not hard — your first reaction to a shot is either positive or negative, and it typically does not change much after that.

However, we all find it difficult to critique our images, divorcing our own emotions from the images can be very difficult. Understanding how images are judged and what judges are looking for can really help us look at our images in a more constructive and detailed way.

In this presentation Martin Patten will cover the key criteria judges consider when critiquing an image followed by an examination of each of the main genres to understand and demonstrate the differences between a poor and good image. The talk is fully illustrated with images across all the main photographic genres including, wildlife, portraiture, architecture, sports, street, and landscape
Martin Patten LRPS DPAGB is a lifelong photo-fanatic. After a career in IT Martin is now a professional photographer. He is a former president of Watford Camera Club, current President of the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs, and a well-respected judge. He is passionate about capturing the special moments in your life.

Martin’s photographs have been published in national newspapers both in print and online and he has also won the Andy Rouse/Fotobuzz wildlife competition