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Queen Street Mill

The club ran an interesting and informative trip to Queen Street Mill. Due to the size and nature of the site we couldn’t just wander around but instead had a guide. None the less the tour was at a gentle pace with lots of chances to ask questions and plenty of time to take photos. The venue is not properly appreciated and is well worth a visit.

Queen Street Mill is the last surviving 19th century steam powered weaving mill in the world. Come along to this Grade 1 listed building and relive the days when cotton was king.

See the mighty steam engine ‘Peace’ and the coal fired boilers, learn about pirn winding and drawing in and visit the weaving shed, which still contains 308 Lancashire looms.

Queen Street Mill is a nostalgic time capsule of the late Victorian age bringing the textile industry vividly to life. Set amongst an iconic, distinctive industrial landscape shaped by chimneys, old mills and terraces it offers a truly unique experience – the world’s last 19th century steam-powered weaving mill.

Imagine what life would have been like as a mill worker. You might even hear the sounds of ‘Peace’ the incredible steam-powered engine that powers over 300 looms in the weaving shed. Feel the power of the looms to understand why the weavers learnt to lip read.

There is also a café to meet up before the visit and chat afterwards